Board Of Directors

Zunair Rafique:

Mr. Muhammad Zunair Rafiq (Chairman Intellisoft Solutions) has extensive experience oM Zunair Rafiqf IT management, business development and operations. He holds Engineering degree from University of Central Punjab, Lahore. Soon after completing his degree in Software engineering, Mr. Zunair embarked upon a rewarding career. He has rich experience in all disciplines of IT. His professional deep insight is a great source to promote the business and to maintain and improve its present position among the domestic industry. He is a Chairman of the Company. In this position, he established, organized and managed a new Business Development Wing for formulation of new strategies, development of new businesses, preparation and implementation of business plans and achievement of corporate objectives in competitive environment.

Muhammad Saad Rafique:

Muhammad Saad Rafiq graduated from University oMuhammad Saad Rafiqf Central Punjab, Lahore as Software Engineer. He joined the family business, Intellisoft Solutions and working as Director Operations of the company. With his expertise and diversified experience, he has taken Intellisoft Solutions to a level which is appreciated by local and international IT communities. He is distinguished, enthusiastic leader with polite and concern attitude towards his  subordinates. Muhammad Saad's business activities have given him profound understanding of both domestic and international IT markets and thorough knowledge of the market and future trends. He is serving the company with all of his professional skills and it is due to his hard work and commitment to the company that Intellisoft is growing rapidly.